female staff portrait - kingston k-14

Ms. Spahr

Science Activities

Virtual Owl Pellets
Early Spring Scavenger Hunt
How to Clean Pennies
Do Different Colors Absorb Heat Differently?
Pepper and Water Experiment
Tornado in a Jar
Action Reaction! Rockets!
Design Your Own Snazzy Sneakers
female staff portrait - kingston k-14

Mrs. McCann

Computer Science

Tynker Coding

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Interland – Be Internet Awesome
Hour of Code Dance Party
Hour of Code Minecraft
Create Your Own Google Logo
Peep: Nature Walk
Multiplication Escape
How Computers Work – With Bill Gates
female staff portrait - Kingston K-14

Ms. Taylor

Reading Activities

The Game of Boggle
The Teacher Name Game
Compare and Contrast Lego Building
LEGO Activities
Scattergories – Online Version
Scattergories – PDF Version
Disney Characters – Silhouette Game
Illumination & DreamWorks Characters – Silhouette Game

Math & Building Activities

LEGO Dog Challenge
Where’s Waldo Coordinate Plane Activity
Measuring Heights and Graphing
Design Your Own Snazzy Sneakers
PIG: A Dice Game

At-Home Work Packet & Links

Third Grade’s Menu of Learning

** Google Slide Version **

Third Grade’s Menu of Learning

** PDF Version **

All About Clouds
San Diego Zoo Live Cams
Cursive Writing Guide
Typing Club
Outside Scavenger Hunt
Printable Resources

Social Studies Activities

Crater Lake National Park & Dierks Bentley
Channel Islands & Jordan Fisher
Spring Around the World
Statue of Liberty Virtual Tour

Mrs. Clark

Music & Art

Kumihimo Tutorial
3-D Foil Sculptures
Nature Mandala Fun
Easy Paper Airplanes that Fly!
Star Wars Book Corners
Bubble Art

Mrs. S. King


Working Through Problems
At-Home Self Care
Managing Emotions

Mrs. Hawn & Mr. Nettles


Get Moving with Peter Pan
Get Moving with The Lion King
Avengers Endgame Tabata Workout
Fortnite Tabata Workout
Freeze and Hold Like Super Mario
Sports! Sports! Sports!