KHS 22-23 Summer School Application


Click here to fill out an online Form for the Kingston High School Summer School Application.  Click here to print out the Kingston High School Summer School Application.

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MOCAP information


Missouri Course Access and Virtual School Program Access with the link below.

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Safe Return to Learning Plan


Dear Kingston K-14 Families, I want to begin by saying “Thank you” for your continued support throughout the 2021-2022 school year. I am so proud of the way we worked together to make our students' safety and learning a priority. We are moving forward with a plan to continue with a safe, in-person school year for 2022-2023 with a scheduled start date of Wednesday, August 24, 2022. This plan could change at any time between now and the start of school based on community spread and recommendations by state and local health officials or DESE. We must understand the possibility [...]

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Expert Reading Advice for Grades K-2


Answers to the most frequently asked questions of reading experts.Q: How can I help my kindergartner learn how to read? I don't know how to help her.A: There are some simple things that you can do at home to support her learning at school. First and foremost, read aloud to her every night, without exception. Reading aloud is the perfect tool to promote the pleasure and enjoyment of reading and to offer her a good model (you) of what reading is all about.Second, play language games to help her become aware of the sounds of language. In order to learn to read, children must be [...]

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5 Ways to Team Up With Your Child’s Teacher


Attend open-house events to learn about class goals and policies. Keep in touch through email, notes, phone calls, and conferences. Ask what level books your child should be reading, and know the titles she’s reading for class. Read teacher-recommended titles with your child at home to reinforce key skills and words. Get involved by joining a parent association or volunteer in the classroom. Taken from

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