Mobile Market is on Tuesday, August 29, 2023, at 12:00 PM
Please do not arrive on campus before 11:30 AM, this is to prevent cars from blocking regular school traffic.
We will only receive 5 pallets of food for the 23/24 school year instead of 10 from the St. Louis Area Food Bank. Their company has gone back to donations only. What this means for us as a district is, we can only give one case per household no matter the size. The amount of food you receive with each distribution will be smaller. ONE MEMBER FROM EACH HOUSEHOLD MUST BE PRESENT ON THE DAY OF DISTRIBUTION.

All Kingston residents in need are welcome regardless of whether or not they have students in school.

As a district, we are so thankful to be able to serve our community in this capacity, and we are thankful for every donation we have received from the ST. Louis Area Food Bank to date. As we navigate these new changes we ask for patience and grace, please remember our students volunteer time out of their school day to help give back to the community. Any work these students miss must be made up, but they are more than willing to help.

Have a wonderful day!

2023-2024 Mobile Market Tentative Dates & Times .png